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New Starters in 2017

Information for Incoming First Year Chemists September 2017 

The following information could be useful for those students starting their degree in 2017.  If you need any additional information please contact the Level 1 tutor Dr Mark Lowe (  We all look forward to seeing you when you start in September. Please note: More information will be added as we get closer to the start of term - the information is also subject to change.




Recommended Reading


Starter Pack





Recommended Reading (subject to change):

Currently for the organic chemistry modules in both Year 1 and Year 2  the textbook will be  J. Clayden, N. Greeves and S. Warren (Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition, Oxford Press, 2012). For the other core Year 1 modules the current recommended textbook is: A. Burrows, J. Holman, A. Parsons, G. Pilling and G. Price, Chemistry 3 - Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, March 2013.

If you wish to purchase these books, please shop around and find the cheapest deal or buy second hand. Kindle versions are also available. There are also deals on these books at the University of Leicester bookshop so please contact them before you purchase your books. You will have access to these books via the main library so you can always try before you buy.

Students are recommended to revise all their AS/A2 (or equivalent) Chemistry notes before starting their degree. In addition, students who haven't done A-level mathematics or physics (or equivalent) should do some extra reading on algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus. Although maths is taught in-house some additional reading will help students in their understanding of the maths that is covered in Year 1. For those students on the Pharmaceutical Chemistry course it is recommended you revise your AS/A2 (or equivalent) Biology notes before starting your degree.


The non-programmable calculators approved for use in written examinations are the Casio FX-83GTPLUS and the FX-85GTPLUS.

 Starter Pack:

Each student will be supplied with a FREE starter pack. The starter pack will include the following (subject to change):

  • A laboratory coat.
  • Lecture notes for all your 1st year modules
  • Laboratory manuals for each of your practical modules
  • Safety glasses for your practical modules
  • A laboratory notebook for recording your experimental findings
  • A molecular modelling kit to help you visualise molecules in three-dimensions for organic and inorganic chemistry
  • A locker for storing your personal belongings when in lectures on in the laboratory
  • A University approved calculator


Starter Pack


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